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There are many ways to immigrate to the US!
Let yourself be guided by the Benme Legal team that knows the system and not by the experiences of friends or acquaintances, because each case is different.
You have advanced studies; a broad career path or; Any skill that is above average regardless of area?
There are visas that lead you to be a Permanent Legal Resident without the need for sponsors.
Do you have a pending Asylum process and have not been called for an interview?
Ensure the stability of your family by obtaining the Permanent Legal Residence, without waiting to be called for an interview.
Do I have to invest more than half a million dollars to immigrate to the US through an investment visa?
The amount of the investment will depend on the characteristics of the business.
Have you been the victim of any crime in the USA, or have you suffered domestic violence events, even after having a deportation pending execution?
You can apply for visas, which have the option of leaving behind any previous immigration limitations.
We represent you in proceedings before the US Immigration Courts.
At Benme Legal we can help you obtain immigration relief such as granting asylum, cancellation of removal or deportation and reopening of cases.
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“Benme Legal's mission is to actively help the personal development of our clients, partners and collaborators”

Benme Legal

About Us

Benme Legal is a law firm that was formed this year by Héctor A. Benítez Canas. He is a practicing attorney who specializes in matters related to United States immigration and visa procedures.

For more than three years, Hector had worked at a well-known immigration law firm with more than 40 years of practice known as Gloria Roa Bodin PA, before opening Benme Legal; and under the supervision and advice of his mentor, he helped many foreigners to legalize their status in the United States.

“Benme Legal's vision is to become the best Lawyers and Consulting firm for the quality of the services provided”

Benme Legal

Practice Areas

Immigration and Nationality Law

In our days it is difficult to describe any activity in which the administration is not present. Thus, and with the recent regulatory changes, in terms of traffic and with the new immigration regulations, the sanctioning activity of the administration has increased notably.

On the other hand, the complexity of the existing immigration law and its procedures for individuals and companies has led to numerous cases of unsolved matters for who have not been our client yet.

In our firm we are specialists in dealing with the attention that these procedures deserve, on numerous occasions getting the administration to admit that it had no reason to deny a petition or immigration benefit.

Among our services
We are experienced in

Business Immigration (L1, E1, E2), immigrant visas (EB1, EB2, EB3), non-immigrant visas (H1B, H3, O1, K, F1), family petitions (I-130) and naturalization procedures (N-400), affirmative asylums, court proceedings before Immigration Courts. This is a non-exhaustive list which tends to highlight the field of expertise.

Our team of experts are here for you

Meet the excellent team that makes up Benme Legal


• Family  petitions
• Employment Based (EB1, EB2, EB3, EB4 and EB5)
• Extraordinary abilities, National Interest Waiver, Labor Certifications, Schedule A Group I and II, Executive or Manager Transferees, Special Immigrants.

H1B for specialty occupations, L1 for multinational executive or manager transferees, J visa and its waivers, E1 and E2 for treaty countries, U for qualified crimes, Violence Against Women (VAWA), F1 Student visas.

Immigration Court Representation

H1B for specialty occupations, L1 for multinational executive or manager transferees, J visa and its waivers, E1 and E2 for treaty countries, U for qualified crimes, Violence Against Women (VAWA), F1 Student visas.

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Office: +1 (786) 558-5625

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We provide American immigration advice with professionals trained to guide you and offer solutions tailored to your personal or business needs. Helping to make your process a simple experience without complexities, obtaining the desired results.

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